#HealthITChicks Spotlight Interview: Christina Hendrickson (@pivotpc)

This month’s spotlight shines on Christina Hendrickson (@pivotpc), marketing manager of Pivot Point Consulting (fka Greythorn) and host of the #healthITchicks tweetchat on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 1pm ET. Christina and her husband Jeff live in the Seattle suburbs with their newly adopted cat, Boots. She has lived in the area for most of her life, and in recent years has seen a lack of affordable housing contribute to a spike in homelessness.

“Many of the people I encountered daily when I worked downtown were locals who had been priced out of housing in the last few years,” Christina says. “Although it only makes a small dent in the problem,” she explains, “I host an annual ‘sock-raiser’ Christmas party. Guests are asked to bring warm wool socks, which are then distributed to people experiencing homelessness by a local organization called The Bridge Care Center. Last time, we had several garbage bags stuffed with hundreds of pairs of socks. It was wonderful!”

When it comes to social media communities, Christina admits to having a soft spot for #healthITchicks. She also participates in her neighborhood Buy Nothing group, which is a local Facebook group where people offer up free, serviceable items they no longer need. “It’s a great way to reduce and reuse,” Christina says, “and it makes it easier to get to know your neighbors.”

She counts TheFood.com app as her favorite, especially when contemplating new recipes. “I like to try new dishes, and the reviews help me decide if they’re going to be something I’m up for making after a day at work.”

When it comes to music, Christina loves tunes that make her happy – from Motown to 90s pop. “I think one of the best concerts I’ve been to (and, incidentally, the most recent) was when Devotchka played with the Seattle Symphony a few months back. I almost fell out of the balcony (apparently heights are not my thing), but otherwise it was marvelous.”


Spotlight Questions

What’s the biggest leap of faith you’ve taken during your career? How has that impacted where you are now?
When I decided to move back to Washington, it was a year into the recession, and I flew back with no job and few professional connections. I ended up working with a startup that manufactured accessories for adventure touring motorcycles. I’m more of a library type than biker, so I felt crazy jumping headfirst into that culture — but I learned so much. Not only about motorcycles, manufacturing, and startups … I also discovered I could do almost anything I put my mind to.

When it comes to professional development, what has had the biggest impact on yours?
The two things that have helped me professionally more than anything else have been mentors, and communities of professional women. My mentors have been men; they’ve advised and helped me determine what opportunities I want to take. But women have a different perspective, and those communities are where I learned I didn’t need to emulate men to advocate for myself and my career — I could do so in ways that felt consistent with my identity as a female professional.

What advice can you offer younger women looking to break into healthcare technology, or those looking to join the C-suite?
Find women you can talk to about professional growth. They don’t have to be in healthcare technology (though that’s definitely a plus); you are capable of learning technology. What other women can help you learn is how to navigate your career.

What gender-based workplace topics have resonated with you over the last year?
Work/life balance is a topic that resonates with me, mostly because I see how my perception of it changes as I move through different stages of life and career.

What are you looking forward to chatting about during the #healthITchicks tweetchat on February 15?

  • Does your company engage in corporate giving? If so, how do they manage it?
  • What is a memorable example of an organization giving back?
  • How can giving back actually benefit a company?
  • Have you ever championed a giving campaign at work? If so, what led to your success?
  • How can we get our colleagues (within the company or not) to get excited and involved?

Join me and Christina Hendrickson (@pivotpc) for the next #healthITchicks tweetchat on Wednesday, February 15 at 1pm ET. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn via the #healthITchicks group

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