#HealthITChicks Spotlight Interview: Rachel Neill (@CarexConsulting)

This month’s spotlight shines on Rachel Neill (@CarexConsulting), CEO of Carex Consulting and host of the #healthITchicks chat on Wednesday, April 12 at 1pm ET. Rachel and her family – which includes husband Bill (also in the health IT space), children Daniel, Stephen, and Pippa, plus a French bulldog named Witzy and a cat called Chairman Meow – call the health IT epicenter of Madison, WI home.

Rachel’s favorite charitable causes include the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. “I’m actually campaigning for Woman of the Year right now,” she points out. “What I love about LLS is that the money raised goes to cancer research grants and to help families afford necessities during treatment. Nobody should be worrying about how to buy groceries when dealing with a life-threatening disease.”

Favorite apps include Nordstrom and Amazon, with the seven minute workout app a close third. “I like Audible, too,” Rachel adds, “so I can get my reading fix while the car or traveling.”

She loves all kinds of music – “from Christina pop to R&B. I can’t tell you the last concert I went to (three kids will do that to you!), but I AM excited to go to the Chainsmokers’ concert at the end of this month!

Spotlight Questions

What’s the biggest leap of faith you’ve taken during your career? How has that impacted where you are now?
Starting my own business, Carex Consulting Group, was probably the biggest leap of faith I’ve ever taken. It’s scary to give us stability, but I always say that fortune favors the bold. It’s also been the best leap I’ve ever taken – I love being a female leader in health tech and hope to show other women that you CAN do it all.

When it comes to professional development, what has had the biggest impact on yours?
I think mentors have been a huge part of my success. I’m really thankful to Mark Bakken, founder of Nordic and HealthxVentures. He is a believer in lifting others up and giving back to the community.

What advice can you offer younger women looking to break into healthcare technology, or those looking to join the C-suite?
Healthcare technology is a great field to be in – and I anticipate it will only grow over the next decade. What’s best is there are all types of jobs, you don’t need to be a doctor or an engineer to make an impact. Health tech is so broad it’s easy to find something your passionate about – whether it’s improving the patient experience or promoting interoperability.  If you are looking to join a firm, look at the make up of the leadership team. Do they promote women in leadership? I’ve learned that’s important.

What gender workplace topics have resonated with you over the last year?
I’m glad that more light is being shed on the gender wage gap and women in leadership. It’s a problem I wish didn’t exist, but since it does, I’m glad there is more focus on it.

I ventured out on my own because I didn’t see enough women leaders to look up to. I felt like I couldn’t preach about it unless I took some action myself. I was excited to see that some companies are taking dramatic steps to improve equality, like Salesforce, which publicly announced they are closing their wage gap.

What are you looking forward to chatting about during the #healthITchicks tweet chat on April 12?

Join me and Rachel Neill (@CarexConsulting) for the #healthITchicks tweetchat on Wednesday, April 12 at 1pm ET. You can also connect with us on LinkedIn via the #healthITchicks group

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