Let’s Give Thanks All Year ‘Round

I’m a big believer in blessings and am learning – slowly but surely – that they are meant to be shared. That’s why, on this Thanksgiving Day, I woke up feeling blessed beyond belief. Thankful for a community of colleagues (filled increasingly with friends) that grows larger with each passing year. Thankful that every woman in it seems to have a heart for giving back, for lending an ear to listen with, a shoulder to cry on, or a hand to pull up those just a few steps behind. I am so incredibly thankful for the #healthITchicks who have pitched in to make our group what it is today.

This attitude of gratitude is one that I believe we should all be intentional about throughout the year. It ties into one of my favorite observations: “What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?” That definitely gives me pause. It prompts me to never take anything I have for granted, and to consider the ways I can turn my gratitude into actionable steps of thankfulness. (Perhaps I need to keep the “Give Thanks” banner hanging on my mantle up all year ’round as a reminder!)

I am of course not the only member of our community who is giving thanks today. Several #healthITchicks have chimed in with their own messages of gratefulness:

Tricia Wilkerson (@twilkerson)
“Thankful for a vibrant healthITchicks community, leadership development and mentoring that’s paving the way for future generations, and online communities that connect us – to name a few.”

Erin Wabol (@HealthITMKTG)

Melanie Hilliard (@social_melanie)
I’m thankful for my #healthITchicks family & support network esp Janae Sharp, Mandi Bishop, Max Stroud, MSW, CPHIMS and so many other inspiring women who are making it happen every day!”

Dorothy Gemmell (@dorothygemmell)
I am thankful to being able to work for a company that fulfills my goals of healthcare, technology, great culture and helping patients as we scale our business. Thankful to be part of the AbleTo Inc. Team and being a #HealthITChick!”

Catherine Valyi (@CatherineValyi)
“I am thankful for the great group of folks I work with at Clinigence. I am also thankful for women that supported and attended the Women with Dynamic Purpose conference this year.”

As we gather with family and friends today and during the coming holiday weeks, I hope that you’ll take a few minutes each day to foster an attitude of gratitude. Let’s make giving thanks a year ’round activity that leaves a lasting impression on those around us. Happy Thanksgiving!


Please share your thoughts of thankfulness via the comments below. Let’s keep this thread going year round!

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