January 17th #HealthITChicks Tweet Chat Topics

I hope you’ll join me for the #healthITchicks tweet chat on Wednesday, January 17 at 1pm ET.  The beginning of the year is an opportune time to look ahead to how we can best take advantage of the #healthITchicks community to do what we do best – connect with each other, lift each other up, do good, and give back. I’m going to use this month’s chat as a planning tool for 2018 #healthITchicks activities, which will include more website content, our annual HIMSS meetup, and a special event or two. I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Discussion Topics

T1: @social_melanie recently tweeted about how the #healthITchicks community helped her get through a job transition. (That made my day!) How have your #healthITchicks connections/friendships helped you personally and professionally?

T2: How can the #healthITchicks community be more of an asset to you in 2018?

T3: How will you embody the #healthITchicks motto this year?

T4: Which women working in health IT would you like to see spotlighted through #healthITchicks editorial, tweet chats, and even events this coming year?

T4.5: I’d like to update our Spotlight Interview questions. What would you like to know about future #healthITchicks tweet chat hosts?

T5: What special days (International Women’s Day, Ada Lovelace Day, National Health IT Week, etc.) should #healthITchicks make a special effort to commemorate?

And if we have time …

T6: What charity would you like to see chosen for this year’s Annual #HealthITChicks Holiday Giving Campaign? (I’m thinking about alternating medical/global organizations with US-based, tech-driven organizations, which means 2018 would focus on the latter.)

T7: Finally, do you have any additional feedback to help improve #healthITchicks endeavors? Any suggestions as to how we can accomplish these 2018 goals?

Join me on Wednesday, January 17 at 1pm ET for the next #healthITchicks tweet chat. You can also connect with the community on LinkedIn via the #healthITchicks group


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