Making the Ladder Lateral: #HealthITChicks at #HIMSS18

Join the #healthITchicks community for our annual meetup at HIMSS on Tuesday, March 6 from 2-2:45pm at the HIMSS Spot, Level 2, Lobby C. (And be sure to stay afterwards for our annual photo-op.)

Making the Ladder Lateral: 
Advice from #HealthITChicks on Creating the Career Path That Works Best for You

Success for women working in health IT is no longer defined by the rungs of a corporate ladder. Today’s female professionals want to establish careers on their terms, whether that means aiming for the C-suite, finding opportunities that match up with their values, or creating something entirely new that fits their work/life balance needs. Join the #healthITchicks community for an audience-driven Q&A on how to create a career path that works best for your passions, experience, and goals.

This year’s meetup will feature an all-star panel of women from different parts of the health IT industry who have taken their careers by the hand, opting for professional paths influenced by their passions and personal and professional goals rather than the vertical rungs of the traditional corporate ladder.

Meet the Panelists

Kat McDavitt, principal, Innsena Communications / @katmcdavitt

Always Favor Action: Learn more about Kat and her career path in this #healthITchicks interview.

Sue Schade, principal, Starbridge Advisors / @sgschade

Own Your Career: Learn more about Sue and her career path in this #healthITchicks interview.

Sue will be involved with several additional female-focused events at HIMSS. She will present a Career Fair session, “Advice for the Aspiring Female Executive,” on Wednesday, March 7 at 2:30pm; and will moderate a roundtable during the Women in Health IT Mentor Meetup on Thursday at 9:30am. Sue will also meet with those interested in Starbridge Advisors’ services – IT consulting, interim management and leadership coaching. Drop her an email at to arrange a meeting.

Lissy Hu, MD CEO, CarePort Health / @hulissy

Follow Your Passion: Learn more about Lissy and her career path in this #healthITchicks interview.

Connect with Lissy at the Allscripts/CarePort Health booth,  2054, MP20.

Tressa Springmann, VP & CIO, LifeBridge Health / @tresspringmann

Balance and Stamina Required: Learn more about Tressa and her career path in this #healthITchicks interview.

Alicia Williams, CEO, FullSight Health Analytics / @aliciaRx

Travel the Unbeaten Path: Learn more about Alicia and her career path in this #healthITchicks interview.

Elise Anthony, Director of Policy, ONC

Look for interviews with each of our panelists leading up to HIMSS, and connect with them during the #healthITchicks tweet chat on Wednesday, February 21 at 1pm ET. They’ll be driving what is sure to be a lively discussion on preparing for HIMSS and the opportunities it offers in terms of networking, job hunting, interviews, etc.

Looking for other women in health IT events at HIMSS? Click here for exhibition, education and networking opportunities. Feel free to share other female-focused events at HIMSS in the comments below.

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