Meeting, Leading and Succeeding: #HealthITChicks at #hdpalooza

Join the #healthITchicks community and our friends at AcademyHealth for “Meeting, Leading and Succeeding,” a free Health Datapalooza pre-con event on Wednesday, April 25 from 3-5pm ET that will highlight career development issues for women in health IT.

We’ll kick off the afternoon with an armchair discussion with female leaders in health IT on salary negotiation and compensation experiences and strategies, and then transition to a unique un-conference/meet-the-experts mashup where our special guests run table discussions on issues selected by attendees.

Meet the Panelists: Job Offer and Salary Negotiation Insight

Deven McGraw, Chief Regulatory Officer – Ciitizen / @HealthPrivacy

Kelsey Mellard, MPA, co-founder and CEO – Sitka / @KelseyMellard

“Always counter-offer. The way you negotiate for yourself is reflective of the way you will negotiate on behalf of the company.”

Lucia Savage, Chief Privacy & Regulatory Officer – Omada Health / @SavageLucia

“At one point in my career, I sought professional coaching on how to conduct a salary negotiation. This is something that cannot be learned except through coaching.”

Mona Siddiqui, MD, MPH, Chief Data Officer – Office of the CTO, Immediate Office of the Secretary, HHS / @monasiddiquiMD

Tressa Springmann, VP & CIO – LifeBridge Health / @tresspringmann

“Know yourself … what is important (and what is not) and do your own research. Things to consider on the importance scale include total compensation/benefits, mission alignment, location flexibility, culture, and promotability. Also look at how fair/equitable the employer is, its percentage of market, etc. This balance changed drastically for me as various seasons of my own life evolved (when I was in graduate school, when I had an infant, when my children could all drive!).”

Register for “Meeting, Leading and Succeeding” today. Special thanks to Dartmouth-Hitchcock and the Jewish Healthcare Foundation for making this free event possible.

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