Mind the #HealthITChicks Gap in 2019

Happy New Year! Now that we’re fully back into the swing of things, I thought I’d take a few minutes to update you on #healthITchicks happenings …

Over the last several years, our community has helped to highlight and amplify the conversation around the challenge of being a woman working in healthcare IT. I’m happy to say that, in 2019, there are dozens of organizations, programs, and influencers taking up the cause and helping women succeed on the terms that suit them best. While I won’t say “Mission Accomplished,” I will say that I see the needs of our community changing.

I envision 2019 as being a year of transition for #healthITchicks, and would welcome your thoughts as to what you’d like to see in terms of content. Interviews? News? Blogs? Tweet Chats? Video? More, or less? I value your time and attention, and realize that there are other outlets offering similar avenues of discourse. Please let me know how the #healthITchicks community can best serve you and your colleagues in the comments below.

Now for a few housekeeping notes:

You can always connect with the community through our LinkedIn group, which has grown to over 900 members!

Follow our account and the hashtag on Twitter to stay on top of real-time discussions and happenings.

Our events calendar is woefully out of date. Please let me know of any happenings that should be added.

Fun family obligations will keep me away from HIMSS this year, and so we won’t have our annual meetup. The HIMSS #WomenInHIT community is filling the gap with a variety of female-focused events, which you can find here.

I’d love to ramp up blog content on the site. Please let me know if you’re interested in contributing. I’d be happy to help you nail down a topic.

Tweet chats will be scaled back. I envision having them on a quarterly basis. Stay tuned for more details.

Finally, thanks for the support you’ve shown me and one another over the last several years. #HealthITChicks couldn’t be what it has become without contributions over the years from some of the smartest, most plugged-in people in the industry. Thank you!

@JennDennard / @HealthITChicks

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